Collection: DIEGO M MILANO

Diego M's thirty-year journey in the fashion industry has been one of continuous growth and evolution. His ability to breathe life into fashion and his keen eye for emerging trends have established him as a visionary in the field, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards.
Skilled in the trade of designing and producing contemporary coats and puffers, and equally in anticipating trends, already in the early 80s he cultivated the idea that led him to the top of world fashion: reinventing the concept of outerwear, enriching it with fashion contents inspired by contemporary style, with additions of fabrics and colours, with new lines and a new wearability, to meet a public more sensitive to changes in fashion.
Together, Diego Mazzi and Manuela Bortolameolli strive to create a brand that epitomises their shared passion for fashion, while remaining attuned to the ever-changing demands of modern style.

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