What To Wear On Valentine's Day..., News

What To Wear On Valentine's Day...

This coming Valentine's Day, what to wear is always a dilemma, obviously it depends where you are going, even if it's a stay at home date, here are a couple of outfit ideas from our latest video.
Yvonne is wearing a fabulous red and black dress by Joseph Ribkoff which would look great on a dinner date. Team with a pair of high heels and a little clutch bag.
Jo is wearing a cute t-shirt with hearts by Riani, perfect to show your love! We have teamed this with a pair of red trousers by Joseph Ribkoff.
Sophie is wearing a t-shirt with lips by Edward Achour, a very fun top for Valentines, we have teamed it with a pair of black with red stripe trousers by Riani.


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