Setting The Scene This Valentine's Day

Set The Scene This Valentine's Day

Are you having a home date this Valentine's Day?
There are always going to be the times when you have chosen to stay at home on Valentine's night and would prefer to cook a nice meal instead. With these nice touches for you and your home, you can make Valentine's night extra special.
Create A Wonderful Atmosphere
Home Scent

Create a lovely scent and glow with candles by Kenneth Turner, Katie Loxton and True Grace. Not only do candles give a wonderful glow to a room, these gorgeous candles smell wonderful too.

Add A Little Love To Your Outfit

Chlobo Jewellery
Chlobo's range of heart jewellery is a perfect finishing touch to your outfit, small dainty bracelets and more chunky filigree, you decide. We adore this sterling silver Chlobo Heart Charm Bracelet above. Seven heart charms on a ball and heart bracelet in different styles with I love you notes ❤️.

Show Your Love

Wyse London GiGi Scatter Heart Jumper

Not sure what to wear, stay warm and display your love with this gorgeous, soft cashmere jumper from Wyse of London. Scatter hearts look like confetti, plain on the reverse, and of course - wear pink.



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