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Sustainably produced from highest quality cashmere fibre which is harvested by a collective of 78 herding families on Cocoa Farm located in Alashan in Inner Mongolia ( which is known for producing consistently high quality cashmere goat fibre ), UK brand COCOA CASHMERE has been offering women colourful knitwear in contemporary cuts for over a decade. Cocoa Cashmere collections are exceptional not only because of the skillful use of bright and long-lasting colours. What we love about the brand is the use of highest quality cashmere fibre in the production of each garment.

Cashmere quality is determined by three key features.

Fibre Diameter: The finer the fibre, the softer cashmere material. Typically between 15 and 19 microns. 

Fibre Length: The longer the fibre, the more resistant and durable the garment and less pilling. Lengths range from 28 to 42 mm.

Bright Colour Purity: Cashmere should be free from impurities to ensure that it can be dyed into a range of colours with the minimum negative impact that colouring has on its softness.

 Cocoa Cashmere uses cashmere fiber that meets the following requirements:

fibre diameter - 15.0 microns, fibre length - 38 mm, bright colour purity - maximum of 1 dark hair strand per 5 grams of white fibre.

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