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Steamery Clothing and Shoe Mist

Steamery Clothing and Shoe Mist


Steamery Clothing and Shoe Mist

Brand: Steamers

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This Clothing and Shoe Mist is not just another scented spray. It  is biotechnology! Its' power is in the active bacteria culture that helps eliminate unwanted odours Steamery Stockholm's Clothing & Shoe Mist is discreetly tented with bergamot and oak.
Taking care of your wardrobe has never been easier and more important as many of us adopt more sustainable practices. Simply put your garments on hangers, spray the mist directly on the fabrics, and Voila! – your clothes are ready to use again. Needing your shoes to feel fresher? then spray the inside of them and make them feel fresher instantly. The mist can be used on all textiles that withstand a small amount of water.

Refreshes textiles, clothes, knits, jeans, activewear, jackets, outerwear, shoes and bags etc. etc.


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