Just Because It Can Still Be Chilly...we're loving Brodie Cashmere.

Perfect spring knits from Brodie Cashmere, spun from 100% pure cashmere. This season, we are also stocking Brodie Cashmere cotton jumpers in equally fabulous colours and quality!
Why do we love this British cashmere brand, and - most importantly - why do we think you'll love Brodie's Cashmere jumpers, ponchos and tops?
For starters, they are sustainably produced in Inner Mongolia. Moreover, with a rainbow go colours that is present in every collection, they are hard to resist ! Lastly, Brodie Cashmere are members of the SFA, an organisation that aims to improve the impact of cashmere production in Mongolia. Together with SFA, Brodie work on preserving water sources in Mongolia and ensuring the well-being  of nomadic Mongolian herders through educational programmes, range land training and better market access.
There's lots to love when it comes to Brodie Cashmere.
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Love Team Izzi xx

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