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Steamery - The Power of Steaming


When you are married to a male version of Marie Kondo, life is all about being organised. Kondo, the acclaimed author "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever", would certainly approve of my husband’s  immaculate way of managing his wardrobe. A natural follower of the KonMari method, he only keeps the items that “spark joy.”

For me, a decadent hoarder of all things beautiful, her extraordinarily minimalist method is a true challenge. While organising my wardrobe according to Kondo’s detailed instructions has saved me a lot of space and continues to save my time ( not to mention my marriage ) on a daily basis, saying good-bye to some of my treasures is simply a thou-shalt-not. A diary written in clothes, some garments stay with me for years, cherished and treasured like beautiful memories. Past their prime time, they often need a new lease of life.

Discovering Steamery, the Stockholm-based company that offers stylish garment and textile care products was a modern revelation. Steamers that breathe new life into tired garments and home textiles, fabric shavers that work on wool, cashmere and other yarns, last but not least powerful laundry products, they all come in stunning designs. More like objects d’art, they are not just pretty to look at. Designed by textile engineers, they are efficient, easy to use and time-saving.


Steamery - The Power of Steaming


Most importantly, Steamery offers sustainable solutions for all cleaning aficionados. For Steamery founders sustainability is a pressing matter and their products offer a gentle, environmentally friendly alternative to ironing and washing. 

" If you steam your clothes instead of washing them, they will last much longer."

Steamery Founders


What are the advantages of steaming?

Steamed clothes get...

* wrinkle-free and soft
* fresher – the steam reduces odors, bacteria and dust
* deeper in color and fabric vibrance
* a longer lifespan (compared to over washed and ironed garments)

A bit like airing clothes, the traditional cleaning method of our ancestors, steaming is also a gentle alternative to washing your home textiles. From cushions to blankets, steam removes unpleasant smells and some of the bacteria. Except from leather and suede, all kinds of fabrics can be steamed, giving us also a powerful alternative to ironing, which is not always an option. In times of Covid-19,  Steamery steamers come more than handy. I am planning on using mine to clean my colourful face masks to keep the colours alive for longer.


Steamery - The Power of Steaming

 Steamery Pilo Fabric Shaver Grey


A devotee of all things cashmere, I squeaked with happiness when I first saw Steamery’s Pilo Fabric Shaver. This humble yet powerful little device is a god-sent. From cashmere jumpers to wool blankets, I can breathe new life into my favourite knitwear and home accesoriess. It will work continuously for 50 minutes – a record time in the fabric shaver sector – and can be used wordwide. At £40.00 it makes for a perfectly stylish and practical present. My husband will love it.


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