Best Summer 24 Accessories by the Jacksons London - Jute Bags and Paul Smith Hats at Izzi of Baslow


Today, we're all about The Jacksons' bags.

As we're gearing up for holiday season, it's time to think about what clothes and accessories we're packing, and these bags are simply fabulous.

Made from the jute plant, they're eco-friendly, absorbing carbon dioxide and biodegradable. We have different sizes available, like the spacious "Californian Dreaming" perfect for beach essentials, and "Summer Loving" in vibrant colours like orange and red. There's also the cute "Tutti Frutti" and the beach-ready "To The Beach". They're versatile as handbags or beach accessories, and they pack well too. Plus, they make fantastic gifts!

Watch our video here:


You can shop them here

Also, check out our new straw hat from Paul Smith, with colours that match perfectly with the bags!


Stay stylish,


Love, Izzi and the Girls xxx

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