Autumn in Style: New Marc Cain Arrivals for AW23 at Izzi of Baslow

Autumn in Style: New Marc Cain Arrivals for AW23 at Izzi of Baslow


We are thrilled to be introducing Marc Cain's Captivating New Collection!

Watch our latest Marc Cain video below:


...and you'll step into a world of dusk-to-dawn style and sophistication with this versatile designer's latest collection, with enchanting greens, feminine prints, and luxe textures - all united to create a timeless stunning look. As always when it comes to Marc Cain, the new arrivals for AW23 offer an exquisite selection of textures, from luxurious silk to cozy knits, providing both comfort and refinement.

To explore this fabulous new range, visit us here.

One of the standout pieces from our collection is the Mac Jeans Sue is wearing, a perfect piece to elevate your denim game and embrace a flawless blend of style and comfort. You'll find this stylish pair here. 

We invite you to visit our store Wednesday-Saturday; our friendly team will be delighted to assist you in finding your perfect fashion match.

Love, Izzi and the Girls xxx

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